What Defines a Good Cigar Bar

Feb 12

What Defines a Good Cigar Bar


At a time when restrictions on tobacco smoking are increasing, finding the best bars for relaxing is a comprehensive task. However, there a few things that define a good cigar lounge. They include the following.

Comfortable and Inviting

Smoking cigars is about enjoying your time and experience. A good bar must be comfortable and inviting, such that the customers are not in a hurry to leave. Good wall colours, squishy leather seats, and less-bright light may make the guest stay rather than purchasing and leaving. Don’t forget to arrange the furniture well and ensure the free-flow of air inside.

Alcoholic Drinks

Most cigar lounges don’t sell alcoholic beverages. However, some allow the clients to carry their own alcohol to enjoy while relaxing and smoking cigars. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you may decide to open a small section and lounge for selling alcohol.


Customers like staying in clean lounges. For instance, you don’t want people throwing the cigar filters on the floor after smoking. Always ensure there are enough ashtrays and bins to dump the waste. Any ash spills on the floors should be cleaned frequently to get rid of the smell and dirt.