Features That Define Top Restaurants in the World

Aug 30

There is no shortage of restaurants in the world, but there are those that always appear to be a cut above the rest. Outlets such as Quay, Attica, and Momokofu Seiko, to name but a few, still tend to come on top whenever reviewers make their lists.

So what exactly is it about these restaurants that makes them superior to others?


The atmosphere in a restaurant goes a long way in determining how patrons feel about it. From the seating arrangement to the decoration and type of dress allowed, these little factors are not small in importance. The best restaurants go easy on their patrons while setting high standards for their service. You will find restaurants that are entirely comfortable if you walk in with your https://www.aimn.co.au website wear after a training session. It is, however, up to you to pick the best clothing for the occasion.


Food, and sometimes, drinks, are a significant part of a restaurant’s appeal. Great restaurants have an extensive menu and insist on having the best of the best prepare their dishes. For freshness, some insist on preparing meals on order.

Quality of Service

How a restaurant makes you feel will determine what regard you give to it. The swiftness and courtesy of the service are critical factors in this. Major restaurants have a strict policy that demands that their customers are served well.

Although some people consider pricing when determining the suitability of a restaurant, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the best restaurants will charge much more than their counterparts, but their service is still worth the money.

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Popular Underwater Restaurants in the World

Aug 04

Several restaurants in the world offer amazing views of the sea or mountains. Those are all beautiful. However, if you want something unique and extraordinary, then you should consider dining in an underwater restaurant. It is not every day you manage to experience the magnificent beauty of the deep ocean with so much clarity at your own leisure. They have become a phenomenon allowing people to dine and drink with a view out of this world. Below is a list of them.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant


Its the first all-glass only undersea restaurant in the world. It is located in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island at an incredible 5 metres below sea level. You will get a fantastic 180-degree panoramic view of the Indian Ocean as you eat. It is surrounded by stunning coral reefs that are the natural habitat for several marine species. You can enjoy mid-morning cocktails and four and seven-course meals for lunch and dinner, respectively. You will spend a vast amount of cash to enjoy the ambience of Ithaa, but it is all worth it and real value for your money.

Al Mahara


It is located inside the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, in Dubai, which is a seven-star hotel. The centrepiece of the lovely restaurant is the floor-to-ceiling aquarium with more than forty different species of fish. There are various private dining spots available for different occasions designed with underwater themes, from the gold seats, beautiful coral-like lighting, and a wall that defines the blue-themed windows highlighting the aquarium.

5.8 Undersea

It is located at the luxurious Hurawalhi Island Resort at a stunning 5.8 metres below the seawater. It is an ideal spot for those seeking to dine while enjoying a fantastic view of extraordinary marine life. The enormous panoramic window allows you to view the Maldives coral reefs with marine species such as tuna fish, parrotfish, turtles, mantas, and sharks. You can also enjoy different types of seafood served at the restaurant. However, it accommodates only 16 guests at any given time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

L’Oceanogràfic Submarino Restaurant

It is found at the heart of Oceanogràfic Park in Valencia, Spain. Although it is not inside an ocean, it sits at the centre of a large aquarium giving you a similar experience of deep blue! You can order different kinds of Spanish delicacies and other typical seafood dishes. You can also enjoy wine from the extensive list and dine while enjoying the view of different fish species; for example, sharks, clownfish, starfish and rays.


Six metres underneath the Indian ocean, you will find the Subsix restaurant in the Maldives. It’s a world-class restaurant 500 metres from the shores of the Per Aquum Niyama Resort. If you are planning to visit the restaurant, you can only do so using a speedboat. Guests can enjoy a champagne breakfast, diverse seafood dishes, and evening cocktails. Surrounded by coral reefs, you can expect to see parrotfish, moray eels, sharks, and butterflyfish, among others.

The above underwater restaurants will give a lifetime experience that you will never forget!

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Top Floating Restaurants

Jul 15


Whether it is a romantic outing or fine dining, floating restaurants in water have a distinctive appeal. The panoramic scenes, serenity and ambience is an experience you cannot find on land. They go beyond the regular sailing to treat their guests to an exceptional dining experience with different meals and drinks. Here are some world-class floating restaurants.

Jumbo Kingdom

It is the largest floating restaurant in the world. Located at Aberdeen Harbor, it has been in operation for more than three decades. Using the palace-styled architectural design, it can accommodate a staggering 2,300 guests at one go! The multipurpose floating restaurant has different departments, such as gourmet restaurants, food courts, bars, and tea gardens. You can access the complex using free shuttle boats offered by the management from the Aberdeen waterfront. It is a restaurant that you should visit for a remarkable experience.


The floating pizzeria is touted as one of the best restaurants. Located in Fiji, guests can access it using a speedboat ride from Port Denarau. It has a capacity of just 100. There are no special meals; you just take whatever pizza is on offer that day. However, they take the diners for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling in the sparkling azure seas around. It is definitely a small piece of heaven worth visiting.

Nusa Penida Floating Restaurant

It is located in Indonesia, at Nusa Penida island near Bali. The substantial floating restaurant ensures that you can dine and order your favourite drink. At the same time, you enjoy the sundeck and participate in watersports. You can enjoy different meals from the vast menu of local dishes and seafood such as grilled fish skewers. You can access the restaurant using a ferry or boats from Toya Pakeha if you are planning to visit.

Sea Palace

It was built in 1984 in Amsterdam becoming the first floating restaurant in the whole of Europe. The massive Chinese pagoda applied distinctive empiric elegance, making it the most iconic feature of Lake IJ. You can enjoy fantastic sunset views and the panoramic scenery of Amsterdam’s night skyline while dining on the facility. The menu offers Asian dishes from various regions and seafood. However, the list is rich with Chinese food prepared using different ingredients such as Sichuan recipes and Cantonese cuisine. Wouldn’t you like to visit the first floating restaurant in the whole of Europe?

Floating restaurants are something worth visiting for an extraordinary experience that you cannot find on the mainland!

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World’s Popular Rotating Restaurants

Jun 09

In the last six decades, the world has witnessed the rise of rotating restaurants. What is a better way to view the surrounding beautiful landscape and skyline than from a vantage location? The shifting views of 360-degrees complement the gourmet meals! Check out some of them from the list below.

The Sky

Located in Tokyo, Japan, on the 17th floor of New Otani Tower, it is one of its kind in the region. Guests should expect a spectacular panorama of the surrounding Tokyo skyline. They have a very unique and exclusive concept for meals provided. The diners create their meals by choosing what they want from the available Sushi, teppanyaki, Chinese and some Western recipes. The meal is prepared as you watch the changing views of the city.

Top of the World

Did you surely expect to miss Las Vegas from the list? This restaurant is located at the top of the legendary Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower, 800 feet from the ground. The restaurant shines in different ways, as diners get a glittering 360-degree glimpse of the Las Vegas strip and the mountains surrounding the city. You can expect a menu featuring American and international flavours using local ingredients and seafood delivered every day. It is the only rotating restaurant in the megacity. If you plan a visit, it is advisable to make an early reservation for your convenience and to avoid missing out.

Restaurant 181

The restaurant is named based on its height from the ground at a stunning 181 metres! It is a revolving restaurant with a fantastic twist. Situated in the Olympic Tower in Munich, you can get a glimpse of the Olympic Stadium and spectacular landscape of the city. You can also sample the broad wine list while enjoying the French-inspired meals.

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The Rise of Online and Virtual Restaurants Worldwide

May 25

Delivery food apps are defining and changing the scope of the restaurant industry. The establishment of online/virtual restaurants has altered how people make orders, how and what they eat.

The digital establishments have eliminated the need for hiring staff and the requirement of a dining hall. There are different virtual restaurant apps that users can download from either Google Play or the App Store. Some apps, such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, and DoorDash, are playing an essential role in the delivery of food. Two tiers define online food delivery.


They apply the brick and mortar model for food delivery. Aggregators provide access to several virtual restaurants through the provision of a single online portal. After logging in to the mobile app, consumers are capable of comparing prices and menus. The aggregator is paid a commission on successful orders by the restaurants, who handle the actual delivery.

New Delivery

The new delivery apps also permit the consumers to compare the meals on offer and make orders from multiple restaurants. That happens through a single web portal or mobile app. New delivery players facilitate the provision of logistics to the virtual restaurant. Both the restaurant and customer share the cost charged by the new delivery players.

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Differences Between Grills and Barbeque Restaurants Cooking Styles

Apr 16

In most cultures, people tend to use the terms interchangeably because it entails cooking meats. However, there are several differences.


Grilling is a method of cooking that applies high and direct heat. The high temperatures from a gas or charcoal grill radiate directly beneath the cooking surface. The meat has to be flipped multiple times since the heat emanates from one direction. Restaurants apply this to cook small and naturally tender meat cuts. For example, steaks, chicken breasts, seafood and chops are suitable for grilling. This method is swift and takes typically five to 20 minutes in most restaurants.


Barbeque is a cooking method used to cook meat indirectly on low and slow heat in restaurants. That means the flames are far underneath or on the side of the flesh. The lid is kept closed to cook the meat through convection heat as it circulates inside the cooking pot. This method is ideal for massive cuts, hard, and sinewy cuts with a significant quantity of connective tissue. It is perfect for cooking pork shoulders, ribs and briskets. The lower temperature and indirect heat mean that it takes longer before the meat is ready. It usually takes more than two hours before the meat is ready.

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What to Know Before Opening a Sports Bar

Mar 12

Having many TVs in your restaurant does not define the ultimate experience of a sports bar. Instead, you need more than organisation, planning and reviewing skills. If you are planning to open one, here are things you must have.

Latest Technology

It is the real definition of an authentic sports bar. Revellers will gauge the spot based on the technology installed. Your ultimate goal should be making every fan in your establishment fantasise about establishing a similar audiovisual system in their home. The installation budget might be high, but the satisfaction of the clients should justify that. By having A/V systems, its enough proof to the customers that your motivation is ensuring they can watch anything they want anytime.

Wi-Fi Connection

Free and reliable Wi-Fi is crucial to the people deciding on where to hang out. You can also use Wi-Fi to connect with different clients on social media platforms as a way of digital marketing. Besides, it is cheap to install and maintain.

Array of Several TVs

Nothing is more disappointing than visiting a bar only to find that there are fewer TVs in comparison to the available space. The customers want to see several TVs in almost all areas. It is one of the reasons they visit the establishment instead of staying home. The best approach is conducting a heat map and knowing how many TVs can be viewed from a particular table. Besides, the viewer should manage to read the third lowers with ease.

Large Selection of Drinks and Food

People want to eat good food and quench their thirst with their favourite drinks! Ensure there is a wide selection of drinks, and the food is mouth-watering.

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