Differences Between Grills and Barbeque Restaurants Cooking Styles

Apr 16

Differences Between Grills and Barbeque Restaurants Cooking Styles

In most cultures, people tend to use the terms interchangeably because it entails cooking meats. However, there are several differences.


Grilling is a method of cooking that applies high and direct heat. The high temperatures from a gas or charcoal grill radiate directly beneath the cooking surface. The meat has to be flipped multiple times since the heat emanates from one direction. Restaurants apply this to cook small and naturally tender meat cuts. For example, steaks, chicken breasts, seafood and chops are suitable for grilling. This method is swift and takes typically five to 20 minutes in most restaurants.


Barbeque is a cooking method used to cook meat indirectly on low and slow heat in restaurants. That means the flames are far underneath or on the side of the flesh. The lid is kept closed to cook the meat through convection heat as it circulates inside the cooking pot. This method is ideal for massive cuts, hard, and sinewy cuts with a significant quantity of connective tissue. It is perfect for cooking pork shoulders, ribs and briskets. The lower temperature and indirect heat mean that it takes longer before the meat is ready. It usually takes more than two hours before the meat is ready.