Differences Between Grills and Barbeque Restaurants Cooking Styles

Apr 16

In most cultures, people tend to use the terms interchangeably because it entails cooking meats. However, there are several differences.


Grilling is a method of cooking that applies high and direct heat. The high temperatures from a gas or charcoal grill radiate directly beneath the cooking surface. The meat has to be flipped multiple times since the heat emanates from one direction. Restaurants apply this to cook small and naturally tender meat cuts. For example, steaks, chicken breasts, seafood and chops are suitable for grilling. This method is swift and takes typically five to 20 minutes in most restaurants.


Barbeque is a cooking method used to cook meat indirectly on low and slow heat in restaurants. That means the flames are far underneath or on the side of the flesh. The lid is kept closed to cook the meat through convection heat as it circulates inside the cooking pot. This method is ideal for massive cuts, hard, and sinewy cuts with a significant quantity of connective tissue. It is perfect for cooking pork shoulders, ribs and briskets. The lower temperature and indirect heat mean that it takes longer before the meat is ready. It usually takes more than two hours before the meat is ready.

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What to Know Before Opening a Sports Bar

Mar 12

Having many TVs in your restaurant does not define the ultimate experience of a sports bar. Instead, you need more than organisation, planning and reviewing skills. If you are planning to open one, here are things you must have.

Latest Technology

It is the real definition of an authentic sports bar. Revellers will gauge the spot based on the technology installed. Your ultimate goal should be making every fan in your establishment fantasise about establishing a similar audiovisual system in their home. The installation budget might be high, but the satisfaction of the clients should justify that. By having A/V systems, its enough proof to the customers that your motivation is ensuring they can watch anything they want anytime.

Wi-Fi Connection

Free and reliable Wi-Fi is crucial to the people deciding on where to hang out. You can also use Wi-Fi to connect with different clients on social media platforms as a way of digital marketing. Besides, it is cheap to install and maintain.

Array of Several TVs

Nothing is more disappointing than visiting a bar only to find that there are fewer TVs in comparison to the available space. The customers want to see several TVs in almost all areas. It is one of the reasons they visit the establishment instead of staying home. The best approach is conducting a heat map and knowing how many TVs can be viewed from a particular table. Besides, the viewer should manage to read the third lowers with ease.

Large Selection of Drinks and Food

People want to eat good food and quench their thirst with their favourite drinks! Ensure there is a wide selection of drinks, and the food is mouth-watering.

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What Defines a Good Cigar Bar

Feb 12


At a time when restrictions on tobacco smoking are increasing, finding the best bars for relaxing is a comprehensive task. However, there a few things that define a good cigar lounge. They include the following.

Comfortable and Inviting

Smoking cigars is about enjoying your time and experience. A good bar must be comfortable and inviting, such that the customers are not in a hurry to leave. Good wall colours, squishy leather seats, and less-bright light may make the guest stay rather than purchasing and leaving. Don’t forget to arrange the furniture well and ensure the free-flow of air inside.

Alcoholic Drinks

Most cigar lounges don’t sell alcoholic beverages. However, some allow the clients to carry their own alcohol to enjoy while relaxing and smoking cigars. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you may decide to open a small section and lounge for selling alcohol.


Customers like staying in clean lounges. For instance, you don’t want people throwing the cigar filters on the floor after smoking. Always ensure there are enough ashtrays and bins to dump the waste. Any ash spills on the floors should be cleaned frequently to get rid of the smell and dirt.

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