World’s Popular Rotating Restaurants

Jun 09

World’s Popular Rotating Restaurants

In the last six decades, the world has witnessed the rise of rotating restaurants. What is a better way to view the surrounding beautiful landscape and skyline than from a vantage location? The shifting views of 360-degrees complement the gourmet meals! Check out some of them from the list below.

The Sky

Located in Tokyo, Japan, on the 17th floor of New Otani Tower, it is one of its kind in the region. Guests should expect a spectacular panorama of the surrounding Tokyo skyline. They have a very unique and exclusive concept for meals provided. The diners create their meals by choosing what they want from the available Sushi, teppanyaki, Chinese and some Western recipes. The meal is prepared as you watch the changing views of the city.

Top of the World

Did you surely expect to miss Las Vegas from the list? This restaurant is located at the top of the legendary Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower, 800 feet from the ground. The restaurant shines in different ways, as diners get a glittering 360-degree glimpse of the Las Vegas strip and the mountains surrounding the city. You can expect a menu featuring American and international flavours using local ingredients and seafood delivered every day. It is the only rotating restaurant in the megacity. If you plan a visit, it is advisable to make an early reservation for your convenience and to avoid missing out.

Restaurant 181

The restaurant is named based on its height from the ground at a stunning 181 metres! It is a revolving restaurant with a fantastic twist. Situated in the Olympic Tower in Munich, you can get a glimpse of the Olympic Stadium and spectacular landscape of the city. You can also sample the broad wine list while enjoying the French-inspired meals.