Top Floating Restaurants

Jul 15

Top Floating Restaurants


Whether it is a romantic outing or fine dining, floating restaurants in water have a distinctive appeal. The panoramic scenes, serenity and ambience is an experience you cannot find on land. They go beyond the regular sailing to treat their guests to an exceptional dining experience with different meals and drinks. Here are some world-class floating restaurants.

Jumbo Kingdom

It is the largest floating restaurant in the world. Located at Aberdeen Harbor, it has been in operation for more than three decades. Using the palace-styled architectural design, it can accommodate a staggering 2,300 guests at one go! The multipurpose floating restaurant has different departments, such as gourmet restaurants, food courts, bars, and tea gardens. You can access the complex using free shuttle boats offered by the management from the Aberdeen waterfront. It is a restaurant that you should visit for a remarkable experience.


The floating pizzeria is touted as one of the best restaurants. Located in Fiji, guests can access it using a speedboat ride from Port Denarau. It has a capacity of just 100. There are no special meals; you just take whatever pizza is on offer that day. However, they take the diners for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling in the sparkling azure seas around. It is definitely a small piece of heaven worth visiting.

Nusa Penida Floating Restaurant

It is located in Indonesia, at Nusa Penida island near Bali. The substantial floating restaurant ensures that you can dine and order your favourite drink. At the same time, you enjoy the sundeck and participate in watersports. You can enjoy different meals from the vast menu of local dishes and seafood such as grilled fish skewers. You can access the restaurant using a ferry or boats from Toya Pakeha if you are planning to visit.

Sea Palace

It was built in 1984 in Amsterdam becoming the first floating restaurant in the whole of Europe. The massive Chinese pagoda applied distinctive empiric elegance, making it the most iconic feature of Lake IJ. You can enjoy fantastic sunset views and the panoramic scenery of Amsterdam’s night skyline while dining on the facility. The menu offers Asian dishes from various regions and seafood. However, the list is rich with Chinese food prepared using different ingredients such as Sichuan recipes and Cantonese cuisine. Wouldn’t you like to visit the first floating restaurant in the whole of Europe?

Floating restaurants are something worth visiting for an extraordinary experience that you cannot find on the mainland!