7 Questions To Ask The Catering Christchurch Company Before Hiring

7 Questions To Ask The Catering Christchurch Company Before Hiring

Glorious food, celebration, and joy! Weddings are about all these. Wedding caterers Christchurch can make your event enjoyable for you and your guests. There are many catering agencies that you contact and choose to hire the right one. Here are some questions you should ask the catering company before hiring one:

What catering styles do you offer?

When we talk about serving styles, different caterers would have different skills and styles of serving. The style you pick would have a great effect on your event. You can choose from placed dinners, family-style buffets, or cocktail style layouts to make your wedding special.

Do you have availability on my wedding day?

Weddings are planned months in advance. When you meeting catering Christchurch company, you should ask them about their availability on the date you’ve fixed. During the wedding season, some caterers may already have bookings. So, ask if they can handle the workload.

How can I see the sample menu?

Some caterers have fixed menus while some others offer customised menu options to the clients. Ask for suggestions from the caterers along with the prices. This will help you understand whether they can accommodate your requirements and fit your budget. Remember that there’s always some room for negotiation.

Are you familiar with my chosen venue?

If the caterers have worked for clients at the same venue that you’ve booked, it would be a plus point. They would be familiar with the premises and so, arrangement of food items would be easier. If the caterer is not aware of the venue location, you may have to ask them to visit the place and check it before they offer catering services.

Can you cater to guests who have different dietary requirements?

There are chances that your guests may demand something different according to their dietary preferences. Some may be vegan or vegetarian, while some others may need alcohol. The catering agency should be able to provide custom meals to the guests to please them.

Where do you get your ingredients from?

You would obviously want your guests to enjoy high quality services. So, ask the catering Christchurch agency from where they source the ingredients and raw materials. Some professionals may use local suppliers and organic producers for the products. The meat and sea food they source should be good quality from reliable sources.

What will be the ratio of serving staff to guests?

Usually, there should be one waiter per 11-15 guests. You should ask the catering companies how many waiters and staff members they would provide for your wedding. Find out how they would be dressed. If you have any special requirements for their dress code or you want the waiters’ dresses to match your decoration and theme, you should discuss the same with the professionals.


Choosing a professional catering Christchurch can be a daunting task. You may be confused with so many available options. Do some research and make the right choice to please your guests.

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